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Winter Car Care Tips

Don't let the snow slow your go.

Winter Maintenance


Probably the most important item on the winter check list. Antifreeze generally must maintain a ratio of half water and half antifreeze. This 50/50 mix can sustain temperatures of around -35 degrees. Make sure to have your “freeze protection” checked at least every oil change, even in the summer–remember, water boils too!


The direct negotiator between your car and the road always needs to be in top form on icy surfaces. Even when driving on “snow tires,” which tend to give a driver a false sense of security, lack of sufficient tread can cause serious accidents.

Wiper Blades

Believe it or not, improperly functioning wiper blades can create dangerous situations. The ability to see the road is usually taken for granted, and the time you find out your wiper blade is bad is often the time you really need it.

Washer Fluid

Most drivers rarely think about their windshield washer fluid, except when they are out of it. Frequently, refilling washer fluid is part of a normal service at any repair facility, but always be sure the fluid is rated to at least -35 degrees. The fluid you can buy at your grocery store is usually rated at around -20 degrees, but remember that when you’re traveling at 70 mph, the outside temperature is much lower than that sign on the bank tells you.


Electrical components, same as ourselves, tend to slow down when the temperature drops. Checking your battery capacity every so often can keep you from having to walk through a foot of snow just to find out your car won’t start.

Heater Operation

We don’t think anyone would argue the importance of a properly functioning heating system on a cold day. Your heating system should be inspected at every oil change.